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It really works!

"So, I have never been "athletic" and never been competitive. For the last year, I have wanted to do these bootcamps with Blondina Polazzo but I really did not want to buy that darn device. I thought for sure it would be a waste of money. I'd use it a month and then it would be thrown in a drawer and collect dust. Wanting to be in the live class, I caved and bought the device.

Here is what I found out over the last month or so.

That tracking device was worth every penny I spent on it! Why?
Six months ago I stopped going to the gym and working out with a trainer. But I didn't stop working out. My results kind of plateaued. What I realized was that without a trainer or other gym rats in class pushing me, I had no way to measure the effectiveness of my workouts and had no motivating factor to push myself further, longer or harder.

Then I started working out with all of you this past month and I could actually see my heart rate, intensity and calories. I started setting daily minimum goals for myself...and crushing them. I looked forward to a new workout each day (or repeating ones I particularly loved).

I starting seeing physical changes too. My husband complimented my leg muscles. My bra "overflow" that I hate is lessening.

One day, I noticed this thing called a "Leaderboard" and when I clicked on it, I was actually a contender. So now I had more motivation. Another gauge to push myself further each day.

The last week or so, I have been hot on Carrie B's tail. GIRL! I have tried to catch you and I just can't! I gave it my all in two separate workouts today and I'm still trailing behind you. My hat is off to you! You are a beast! YOU ARE A CHAMPION AND I AM IN AWE OF YOU! "— Judi Graybeal