Frequently Asked Questions about

 1.  Are the tracking devices FREE and are they necessary?  

- Unfortunately the devices are not free, however you can purchase a wide variety of them on AMAZON.  We provided links to the most popular above under Purchase a Device.  Although they are not necessary, they are highly recommended as our coaches can provide better insight based on the data from the wearable devices.  

2.  If I don't want a trainer and I just want to use my Apple Watch and the App for tracking my workouts, is that possible?  

- YES!  Our app is free and anyone who wants to track their workouts is welcome :)

3.  I want to work with multiple trainers, is that allowed?

- Yes!  Sign up for multiple trainers or just one. 

4.  What are the prices for trainers and Yoga Instructors?

- Each Trainer/Instructor has their own costs associated with their service.  Check out their tile and inquire within.

5.  My App is acting weird, can I call someone?

- Please email and someone from support will answer immediately

6.  How do I cancel my subscription to a Trainer.

- You may cancel at any time.  Please contact your trainer and they will remove you from their account.  

7.  When will I receive my first workout or live training session?

- Each instructor, coach, trainer is different.  Most will send out one immediate upon sign up.  However, please inquire with your trainer.

8.  How accurate are the devices?

-  Some devices are more accurate than others, however most are highly accurate.  

9.  What is Turbo-STRAPP?

- Turbo-STRAPP was a device that was specially made for our customers.  However, with innovations of the Apple Watch and other devices that now connects with, we will eventually discontinue (BUT SUPPORT) the Turbo-STRAPP device.  This is why we changed our brand name from Turbo-STRAPP, which is often affiliated with the device to

10.  My device isn't connecting to the APP.  What should I do?

- Please contact and one of our support members will help you immediately.